Gaspar Cassadó

Gaspar Cassadó was born in Barcelona on the 30th of September 1897, and it was in that city where he began to study music at the early age of 5. In 1907 he moved to Paris with his father, the musician Joaquim Cassadó. In Paris he met and studied with Pablo Casals. He there studied harmony with Ravel and Falla. His studies with Casals had a profound effect on him both technically and musically, that marked the rest of his life. One of the great cellists of the 20th century performed on all seven continents. He was very interested in contemporary music giving many work premiers of works by authors such as Morera, Honegger, Hindemith, Castelnuovo- Tedesco, Martinu, Delius, Dallapiccola, Tansman, Pfitzner, Halftner, Khachaturian and many others.

In the Late 50’s he formed duo with Alicia de Larrocha and they performed frequently in Spain and Europe. He taught in Musica en Compostela and later in the Academia Musicale Chigiana in Siena. He performed with many of the great masters of the 20th century, Oistrakh, Rostropovich and Menuhin. He was juror of many international cello competitions. Radu Aldulesco, Marçal Cervera and Elias Arizcuren are among the few of his outstanding students. As a composer, he made many transcriptions for cello, as well as chamber music and a few pieces for solo piano.

He married the japanese pianist Chieko Hara. He died in Madrid the 24th of December 1966.

Violoncello and piano

Año Título Editor
1925 La pendule, la fileuse et le galant Universal
1925 Sonata nello stile spagnuolo Universal
1925 Sérénade Universal
1936 Danse du diable vert Universal
1931 Lamente de Boabdil Schotts
1931 Los requiebros Schotts
1935 Partita Schotts
Sonata en la menor Mathot

Transcriptions for piano and violoncello

Año Título Editor
Celebre Serenade Espagnole, Albéniz Union Musicale Franco Espagnola
Estudio, Berteau Universal
Minuet, Boccherini Universal
Serenata spagnola, Borodin Schotts
Prima Carezza, Crescenzo International music compAño
Pastorale, Couperin Universal
Indian song, Dvorak International music compAño
Sonata, Faichild Durand
Nocturn No. 4 Op 35, Fauré Hamelle
Toccata, Frescobaldi Universal
Intermezzo, Granados UME
Canzone e pastorella, E. Halfter Schotts
Tonadilla, Laserna Schotts
Liberstraum, Liszt International music compAño
Chanson et danse, Mompou Union Musicale Franco Espagnola
Fandanguillo, Moreno Torroba International music compAño
Sonata K358, Mozart Schotts
Serenata de Don Giovanni, Mozart
Arioso, Muffat Universal
Minuet, Paderewski Bote & Bock
Estrellita, Ponce International music compAño
Allegretto grazioso, Schubert Universal

Violoncello solo

Año Título Editor
1926 Suite Schotts

Transcriptions for violoncello solo

Año Título Editor
Fugue, Handel International music compAño
Etude, Chopin International music compAño

Violoncello and orchestra

Año Título Editor
Concert en d minor Schotts
Portuguese Nocturnes manuscript

Transcriptions for violoncello and orchestra

Año Título Editor
Arpeggione, Schubert
Concert Op 72, Tchaikovsky
Concert in D major, Weber

Chamber music

Año Título Editor
Sonata for piano and violin in D minor Universal
Trio for violin, cello and piano Universal
Quartet in f minor Schotts
Quartets 2 and 3 in manuscript


Año Título Editor
1931 Sonata breve Schotts
Quatre pieces espagnoles Salabert
Variacions concertants piano and orchestra manuscript