Frederic Mompou

The musical world of Mompou is a world filled with colors, sounds and images, all impression of the Catalunya that surrounded Mompou. A quite and thoughtful man, he looked and listened for ways to express the deep feelings hidden within him. A shy and soft-spoken individual, his music reflects the thoughts and ideas that represent the man that he was. Mompou was born on April 16th, 1893 in Barcelona. He gave his first public recital in 1908. In 1909, in a concert in Barcelona, upon hearing Faure perform his Quintet op 89, Mompou there decided that he wanted to become a composer. In 1911 he composed what was to form the part of his first suite for piano, Plany from the Impressions Intimes. The music of Mompou springs from the soul, he once wrote” all the drama of my life develops deep inside of me and is there created”.

His piano music is filled with sounds of Catalunya and resonance’s of almost forgotten memories. For a short while, he worked in a bell manufacturing company in Barcelona. The factory produced bells that sounded in several octaves. This experience had a profound effect on Mompou and bells are often found in his music. He himself said “the best word is the unspoken word, I as you all know, am a man of few words and a musician of few notes. Music is the written that cant be expressed, I wish that it (music) should seem to come out of the shadows so to return to the shadows again. I find myself forced to find new forms, I believe that my music will never fit in a perfect world.

Writing about his own Musica callada Mompou said “this music has no air or light. It is a weak heart beat, you cannot ask it to reach more than a few inches into space, but it’s mission is to reach the profound depths of our soul and the secret regions of our spirit’s spirit. This music is quiet (callada) because one listens to it within. Contained and reserved. It’s emotion is secret and only becomes sound from resonance under the cold cape of our society. It is my desire that this music, should bring us closer to the warmth of life, and the expression of the human heart, that is always the same and constantly changing.”

He received numerous awards: Chevalier des Arts et Lettres from the French Ministry of Culture, Member of the royal Academy of Art Sant Jordi, National Award for Music and Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Barcelona. He met the Catalan pianist Carmen Bravo when judging a piano competition in Barcelona was overwhelmed by the passion of her performance of the Schumann concerto, they were married in 1957. He died in Barcelona on June 30th, 1987.


Year Title Editor
Impresiones íntimas UME
Pessebres Salabert
Suburbis Salabert
Scenes d’enfants Salabert
Cants magics UME
Fetes Lointaines Salabert
Canción y danza 1-4 UME
Canción y danza 5-12 Salabert
Trois Variations Max Eschig
Charmes Max Eschig
Dialogues 1 et 2 Max Eschig
Preludios 1-4 Heugel
Preludios 5, 6, 8, 9 y 10 Salabert
Souvenirs de l’exposition Max Eschig
Canción de cuna Heugel
Música callada I-IV Salabert
Variaciones sobre un tema de Chopin Salabert
Paisajes Salabert
Canción y danza 14 EMEC

Songs for voice and piano

Year Title Editor
L’hora gris UME
Cançoneta incerta UME
Comptines 1-6 Salabert
Rosa del Camí, Cortina de fullatge, Incertitud i Neu
(Cuatro melodias)
Cantar del Alma Salabert
Llueve sobre el río y Pastoral
(Dos melodias)
Damunt de tu només les flors, Aquesta nit un mateix vent, Jo et presentia com la mar, Fes-me la vida transparent, Ara no sé si et veig encara
(Combat del somni)
Cançó de la fira Salabert
Aureana do Sil Salabert
El niño mudo UME
Sant Martí Tenora
Primeros pasos Salabert
Bequerianas Tenora
Cinq melodies de Paul Valéry Max Eschig

Music with other instruments

Year Title Editor
piano y violín
El pont
chelo y piano
Suite Compostelana
Pastora (canción y danza 15)
Dos cantigas de Alfonso X el sabio
Coro mixto
Ave Maria
Coro mixto
Canto de Ultreia
Coro mixto
Vida Interior
Coro mixto
Ball rodò
Mixed Chorus
Federación Catalana de Entidades Corales
Cantar del Alma
Coro mixto y órgano
La vaca cega
Coro mixto y órgano
Barítono, coro mixto y orquesta


Year Title Editor
Jeunes filles au Jardin
violín y piano, J. Szigeti